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12:08 23.12.2020 Учебный курс “Школа адукаторов”

15:43 21.10.2020 Стипендии для студентов

16:10 21.10.2020 Онлайн-школа «Цифровые форматы в образовании и социальном предпринимательстве»

13:30 21.10.2020 Как действовать, чтобы бизнес приносил свои плоды?

20:30 05.10.2020 В Минске подвели итоги ежегодного конкурса “День инвестора-2020”

20:21 30.09.2020 АБФ презентует методику шведского кружка

15:30 30.09.2020 Международный Балтийский конкурсе эссе по философии для школьников

11:00 23.07.2020 Конкурс грантов от Языковой школы и Словацкого Образовательного Центра

12:29 16.07.2020 Задай свои вопросы о карьере и бизнесе!

12:04 16.07.2020 Как проверить свои бизнес-идеи?

General information about the project

Welcome to the specialized Internet resource www.kariera.by, which covers professional development and increase in economic activity of Belarusian youth!

This website offers to Belarusian youth great information on professional orientation (assistance in career choice), education and employment. Kariera.by is a unique internet resource on professional development for Belarus. It is also an electronic directory as well as media and interactive foundation for opinion exchange and assistence in employment for Belarusian youth.

Website kariera.by is not a commercial project. Its social nature focuses on providing an opportunity for school students in career choice, for University students, unemployed youth and young workers to adjust to the labor market in Belarus and abroad. The website also helps prevent illigal labor migration and labor exploitation.

The website gives an opportunity to nonprofit organizations and other organizations in the field of formal and informal education in order to inform Belarusian youth about their programs. Businesses can use the website to search for young professionals and invite students and young workers for both paid and unpaid internships at their facilities.

Main directions of activities

Kariera.by offers the following services for its users:

  • Information about grants and contests for youth and young professionals.
  • Information about conferences, seminars and trainings.
  • Information about opportunities to get internships and participate in volunteer programs.
  • News from labor market.
  • Thematic articles about and for youth.
  • Directory of Universities and Educational centers in Belarus.
  • Information about organizations that work in the area of employment in Belarus.
  • Information about organizations that have a license to provide employment outside Belarus as well as organizations that orginize international student exchanges.
  • Descriptions of the most popular professions.
  • Virtual fair of employers and resume of young profesisonals seeking jobs.
  • Consultations on the website regarding professional development.
  • Newsletters.
  • Forum etc.

Kariera.by is a link between Belarusian youth (students, employed and unemployed), business and nonprofit sectors, and government educational establishments as well as employment centers and offices for professional orientation.

Website encourages development of Belarusian economy and society in general through assistance to organizations in employee search, development of profesisonally important skills in youth thorugh the idea of social corporate responsibility of business as well as due to the efforts to establish networks among different players in Belarusian labor market on the basis of sustainable development.

Mission of the website:

Our goal is to become a specialized Belarusian informational resource service which focuses on the establishment of effective interactions among employers and job seeekers, connecting students, young professionals, businesses, educational insitutions and organizations of informal education in order to create win-win collaborations, exchange of experiences and effective reaching the questions of personal and professional development.

Goals of the website:

  • Encourage personal and professional growth of users.
  • Provide effective instruments for job search and development of professionally important skills.
  • Provide opportunities for self-presentations and information sharing.
  • Create effective live base for informal communication of youth who focuses on professional development.

We are interested in colloboration with local and foreign organizations to increase quality of our services and joined realizations of innovative projects in social and economic spheres. We consider international partnership would help solve the problem of transborder migration and development of labor market in easter Europe.

Partners of the project

The project was launched in February 2009 with cooperation and support of youth nonprofit organization «Focus-group» (Minsk, Belarus). Partnerns of the project are Public Union “Education Center “POST”, newspaper «Transitional age», recruiting agency «21 Century Consult», and recruiting agancy «KIAT».


Address: 220082 Belarus, Minsk, p.o. box 100
GSM: +375.29.6714119
E-mail: fokusgrupa@gmail.com

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